Bibi Jones Puts DP Girls “At Risk” for HIV Exposure

When you hear something like “I know a girl that told me when she went to cali to shoot, before she shot with the male talent she went downstairs and fucked the camera guy, and i’m sure it was bare too” the last thing you think is behavior like that comes from a highly paid contract girl with one of the top rated companies in the business.  But turns out that isn’t the case at all.  According to some sources over at AVN owned GFY, Bibi Jones went on Howard Stern today and admitted to fucking guys (yes as in more than one) without a condom off set, before going to work – at least three of them including a janitor she met in the bathroom at a movie theater.

With almost every recent HIV scare in the adult industry in the last decade it was due to things like this.  So I wonder if Digital Playground knows that Bibi Jones is putting their million dollar golden girls like Jesse Jane and Kayden Kross at serious risk?

click here to see the youtube clip of her admitting to her high risk behavior

Of course she also claims that at 6 years old she was doing full girl on girl sex.  So who knows what the fuck is really true.

 If you don’t want to go through the whole interview basically after telling about wanting ot fuck her cousin she goes on to say how Jesse Jane is 31 and jealous of her youth.

Yep, Bibi Jones actually did that.  Said Jesse Jane is old and jealous of her.  So if the last ordeal wasn’t enough, going on Howard Stern and saying Jesse Jane is jealous if you wasn’t enough …. putting them at risk of getting HIV surely has to be.



3 thoughts on “Bibi Jones Puts DP Girls “At Risk” for HIV Exposure

  1. I think by now we’ve all seen the writing on the wall for this one. Jesse Jane just resigned with digital right? We can all guess what that means for Bibi’s future at digital. I mean come on, you know they kicked that bitch to the door to get jesse back.

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  3. “Howard asked if she got laid last night. She said she did. She said she was out walking around and she took a kid from the Duane Reade drug store who just got off work, back to her hotel room. She said she just asked the guy if he wanted to come back and fuck her. She said that the guy was afraid that she was going to roll him or something. Howard asked how old he was. She said he was younger than her. She said that he came instantly. She said she kicked him out after that.

    Howard asked if the guy came inside her. She said she didn’t. She said he didn’t use a condom but he didn’t cum inside her. BiBi said that she doesn’t like condoms because they suck up the pussy juice…”

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