Is Shelley Lubben a drug pushing pimp?

Well, well.  Look what is coming out now.  It seems Shelley Lubben has been lying, doing drugs and even worse, giving out drugs to girls to keep them quiet.  Or so says the rumors.  I originally heard about the story at Lukeisback and later read more about it on YouTube and it’s one heck of a story.  But I’ll let you watch the interview and read the story and judge for yourself … is Shelley Lubben a lying whore?  Is she pushing illegal drugs on girls to trick them into submission and doing her bidding for “donations”?  You decide.

“She drank with me and took pills with me. That is not a recovery program. Shelley has a ex hooker (JENNI) and an ex porn addict (ROGER) running her program. One Jenni’s occupation title is a porn recovery specialist! Miss Jenni has … no high school diploma. I am glad that Shelley got proper treatment in a luxury rehab that she boasted to me that cost two grand a day and had leisure activities such as hiking, horse back riding, swimming, etc.

She must have got some nice donations exploiting my daughter and I. Shelley is a liar, manipulator, drug addict and user. She makes us girls pose with her, helps write our so called testimonies! She has did more damage to me than ANY agent or producer. She exploited my daughter and my real name!  I contacted Michael Whiteacre. I did not receive any money for the shoot and he did not promise to heal me from my addictions and porn like Lubben does!”




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