Houseives get their SEXT on!

With the divorce rate over 50%, what are the experts suggesting couples do? Pull out the iPhone and send your spouse some sexy text messages, aka “sexting” and the subject is even being discussed on the Rachael Ray show.

Even funnier, there are some experts that are charging couples to learn how to do it! SERIOUSLY! They pay some person to teach them how to have cell phone sex. Check out this ad from one so called expert who will teach you how to get it on with your spouse through your cell phone.

I know it sounds unbelievable. Especially if the romance seems “dead” in your relationship. But what if you could use texting on your cell phone to actually bring back romance in your marriage? That’s how a relationship coach named Michael Fiore, featured on the Rachael Ray Show, is helping couples unlock powerful passion in their relationships after just one day of using the method.  Spicing up your marriage really could be that easy.


If they really want an “expert” in hot sex, they should hire the REAL pros and call a porn star! Then these happy little housewives will really learn what it means to make their man happy! LOL

Or hell they could just go ask their kids because apparently 20% of teens have sent naughty pics. Did you also know that sexting in Houston, Texas is actually illegal? They banned it way back in 2009 [souce]

Houston is catching on to something that Hollywood hasn’t yet: Taking nude pictures on your cell phone is bad news.

The city is implementing a new rule stating that “the distribution of nude or semi-nude photographs or videos by text message” is forbidden. They are calling the craze “sexting” and the school system is putting their foot down, for the safety of their students, emotionally and legally.

Hans Graff, assistant general counsel at the Houston Independent School district, realizes that while on one end of the spectrum, the release of nude photographs can be emotionally damaging, it can also lead to criminal punishment: “A student may be sending pictures to their boyfriend and they break up and he sends it to everybody…Any pictures of an underage child could potentially be child pornography and we are not really interested in seeing students punished criminally.”

This new rule was put into effect not only because it seemed to be an “issue” within their district, but also an issue affecting the entire nation. A recent study by the National Campaign to Prevent Tee and Unplanned Pregnancy showed that “22 percent of US teenage girls and 18 percent of teenage boys have sent messages or posted images or video online showing them nude or semi-nude. ” Wow. That’s a lot!

Well, as Dane Cook once said to Vanexxa Hudgens: “Girls, you gots to keep your clothes on! Phones are for phone calls!” Heed this advice youth of America!

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