Monica Foster revealed as major contributor to PWL website

We’ve all known for awhile now that Monica Foster has actively participated in the porn wiki leaks website, despite the fact that she claims they caused her so much harm.  But what we didn’t know is that it turns out Monica Foster was one of the top 10 contributors to the site – contributing almost as much as the site owner Donny Long, himself.   As more and more user and contributor information continues to be leaked, I wonder what else will come out about her contributions to the site? [list source]

  1. 1,worstnightmare,2011-04-06,,Administrator Hammer,
  2. 6,Charles Manson,2010-10-22,,Senior Member,
  3. 11,News Guru,2011-04-06,,Administrator Hammer,
  4. 13,Markus D,2011-01-15,,Senior Member,
  5. 23,Joe,2010-11-05,,Member,
  6. 72,Bucky,2010-12-02,,Member,
  7. 108,The Real Donny Long,2010-12-08,,Senior Member,
  8. 119,MonicaFoster,2010-12-09,,Member,
  9. 153,Silver_Slugger,2010-12-28,,***Wiki God***,
  10. 155,Leecock_Foster,2010-12-28,,Senior Member,

You know it’s funny, for years I’ve watched shows like Law and Order and they always have these guys who try and blame others for this and that and in the end it always turns out that the guy who bitches the loudest is always the really guilty one. Guess that’s why Monica Foster has spent so much time pretending to complain about the site …. it was really her way of advertising the site to draw even more traffic to it.  Now it kinda all makes sense why she was working so hard and doing so much to get attention for the site.

For awhile now people have been saying that the supposed information leaked about her family was all fake.  I was like no way … surely nobody is that psycho to come up with that crazy of a story just to get attention for themselves.  Apparently I was wrong.



2 thoughts on “Monica Foster revealed as major contributor to PWL website

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  2. I have a copy of every Monica foster post. All I’m gna say is your title is misleading. We released info on all posters. Good an bad…Monica Is high up on the charts because she used her real info. Most of the PWL member posters over there used 3 or 4 accounts so there post totals are lower then hers on paper. However once added together she moves down,,I no who posted the info about her an it’s wasn’t her. Take it or leave it. Immune one with the info


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