Warning Fake Press Guy Scamming Girls for Sex

Lisa Ann continues to top the charts at Fame Registry and she most recently released her own Fleshlight.

So when it comes to the industry shows, the ladies know they have to put on their best smile and be ready to talk to hordes of interviewers from every magazine and website you can think of.   Exxxotica Chicago is no different and performers like Lisa Ann were expecting the normal questions like what is your favorite sexual position and do you like anal sex and of course the what is your favorite movie question can’t be missed but what she wasn’t quite expecting is someone who claims to be a “professional photographer & writer” avoiding any of the typical interview questions and instead using the opportunity to hit her up for sexual favors.

Evan J. Thomas what kind of unprofessional douche bag does that?

  • @EvanJThomas – Sometimes the most ridicules things get turned upside down
  • @EvanJThomas – not a psycho… Just a hard working guy
  • @TheRealLisaAnn – @EvanJThomas So everyone, this guy poses as a “reporter” goes thru our PR Companies, but really wants a private! What a TOOL and Liar!
  • @TheRealLisaAnn -All my girls out there going to @EXXXOTICA watch out for this @evanjthomas he’s just wasting out PR Companies time! #FREAK
  • @TheRealLisaAnn – @11michael11 I’m not down, people work for a living. @risingstarpr works so hard and I don’t like them being lied to!
  • @TheRealLisaAnn – And we wonder why the World has Trust issues!!! LOL .. I’m ok lovers, just annoyed when people lie, to me and my team!

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