No man is an island … friends do matter in this business

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that it’s not what you know but who you know, but apparently some people have forgotten that. They don’t seem to realize the true meaning of social networking.

If you are a porn star and you go around talking shit to everyone you meet eventually that can hurt you.

Let me be more blunt. Let’s say you talk shit to or about the owner of a retail outlet. Then retail store now won’t want to carry your movies. Now when producers come out with a new movie featuring you the retailers says, no thanks. We won’t be carrying this title from you because it features so and son. Think the producer will ever want to work with that girl again if she cost him potential sales?  No matter how much you think a producer may love you, when it comes down to it, money always wins.  Period.  So if he can’t sell his movies because you are in them, chances are you aren’t going to be in his movies in the future.

But let me continue. Let’s say you are talking shit to just some random chick. You don’t really know who she is or what friends she has, right? Well that’s the point, you don’t really know how many friends she has and for all you know she could be calling up all the friends she has made in the last decade and a half in the industry telling people not to hire you ever again because you are a known trouble maker or just as a favor to her.

So now how many potential jobs have you lost because you were making an ass of yourself?

The lesson here is that no man is an island, every person he or she meets is a potential business opportunity and you should treat them as such. That one person you piss off could cost you a lot of money in lost work. While making one friend could get you work you never even knew about.

The adult industry is very small.   Once you’ve been in it for awhile you begin to realize that everybody knows everybody and they all love to gossip and talk shit.  So don’t think for a second if you’ve gotten on someone’s annoyance radar they aren’t talking about it.

So while it may be to late for one stupid girl, the rest of us can consider this a very valuable lesson learned at her expense.  Treat everyone the way you would want them to treat you and one day it may come back and really benefit you in a big way.


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