Men are from Mars …

My grandmother once told me that time changes all things.  Well it turns out she was wrong.  I don’t think all the time in the world will change the fact that when it comes to sex, men and woman are just flat out different.

One of those dating websites surveyed 5,000 of their members only to find what we all knew, most girls think men are creepy when they send photos of their penis to people they don’t really know.  I’m not really sure why any man would think that some random girl wants to see their penis but it’s a phenomenon that has been going on for years.

The survey also revealed, what was probably not a shock to anyone, that what men find to be sexy isn’t so sexy to women.

[source] Attention guys, a new survey from Zoosk, one of the world’s most popular social dating communities, shows women aren’t as excited about those naughty photos of you as you think they are. Today, Zoosk polled more than 5,000 members of its community to uncover how singles feel about receiving unexpected naughty photos. The majority of ladies (61%) agree that it would be “creepy” to receive a lewd photo from a guy. The majority of guys (74%), on the other hand, say they would find it “sexy” to receive a naughty photo unexpectedly from a woman.

“On the heels of two U.S. Congressmen allegedly sending shirtless or other naughty photos of themselves to women they don’t know, we were wondering if these guys knew something that the rest of us don’t – namely that women would actually be attracted to that kind of behavior,” said Alex Mehr, co-founder and co-CEO of Zoosk. “Zoosk’s survey reveals that what men find to be sexy isn’t so sexy to women.”

Zoosk conducted the poll on its Facebook page on June 7, 2011. It attracted 5,165 responses in the first hour from over 3.8 million Facebook users who ‘Like’ Zoosk.

Is it “cheating” to send a naughty or flirtatious photo to someone other than your partner? Again, the sexes are split. Last month, Zoosk conducted a survey to uncover singles’ perspectives on monogamy and found that the majority of women polled (62%) said they consider sending flirty text messages or emails to be “cheating.” Only 42% of men feel the same way.

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