Keep your Weiner Private with FleshDrive

Sex scandals are nothing new to the media, but they could be if politicians and celebrities were smart enough to keep their dirty work on their FleshDrive. They could watch pre-loaded high quality adult videos on a government computer without it being tracked. Simply plug in your FeshDrive, watch and pull it out (no pun intended).

Take it a step further with the new OS 2.0 FleshDrive version which has a FleshBrower embedded which allows you to surf the web without a trace. In this world of free information we need to cover out tracks better so we can maintain some type of privacy. This is one of the main objectives of the FleshDrive.

The best new feature of all is FleshMail, – a discreet email system which only allows you to access your account with the actual FleshDrive in hand. It must be physically plugged into a computer to access, and in addition, is password protected. The FleshMail system is anonymous and secure for people who want to remain anonymous for personal reasons. It also allows non-owners of FleshDrives the ability to email the FleshMail user from any other email source.

Don’t send photos and messages through public domains, keep your weiner private – only send photos and messages through FleshMail and feel secure and confident that you won’t get caught.

For wholesale inquiries please contact Mike Gruosso at or call 866-863-8202 or Michelle Liss at 323-445-1555.

About The FleshDrive:  A complete library, all in the palm of your hand? What more could you ask for? With The FleshDrive’s unique proprietary technology the world of adult films can fit into the palm of your hand. The 4gb drive holds over 4 hours of high quality erotica. All of the videos on the FleshDrive can be viewed without any buffering or waiting. Hundreds of adult videos can travel around the globe, all within a discrete device no larger than a few pieces of gum. The FleshDrives are not limited only to computers, as they will work with any devices that contain USB ports. The FleshDrive player allows its users to play their videos on multiple formats and machines from PCs to Macs, to Playstation and Xbox360. One of the most important aspects of The FleshDrive is the ability to view any film, anywhere, without the worry of downloading from the internet, or stumbling upon websites that may infect your computer. Searching the internet can be dangerous to your computer. Why take the risk? The FleshDrive also offers true privacy , with no traceable history possible. FleshDrives can be found at many local Adult Retailers as well as,,, and many more.

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