Beware of Pink Video aka XTC Media Group

Today’s post is less of a news story and more of a consumer warning.

Lately it seems we’ve been hearing about a lot of scam warnings from porn producers out of Florida.  It almost makes one wonder why anyone does business with any of those outfits out there.  Well today is no different.  There is a company out of Florida called Pink Video who also goes by the name XTC Media Group.  They recently scammed a website owner out of nearly $40,000.

What is wrong with people?

The buyer wires the content provider nearly $40,000.  The wire is from a major bank, Bank of America.  The wire was confirmed received THREE WEEKS ago.  Pink Video held on to the nearly $40,000 for going on three weeks now and yet didn’t deliver what the buyer purchased.  They have had a multitude of excuses but the best one is that, despite the fact that the wire took place three weeks ago, just yesterday the bank put a hold on the funds, some three weeks AFTER the fact, due to “suspicious activity”.

I also happen to do business with Bank of America so I went ahead and called them and told them this story.  The lady informed me that in the 23 years she has been in banking she has never heard of such a thing.  If there is a problem or some suspicious activity it would flag the day the money came in but not three weeks later.  That just flat out isn’t going to happen under any circumstances but beyond that, they would not put a hold on the entire account, they would just put a hold on the incoming funds from the wire for 5 to 10 business days depending on the amount of the wire or the location of the transfer.  The guys from Pink Video claims the bank put a hold on their entire account.  These people don’t even know how to lie well and again keep in mind the wire was sent THREE WEEKS AGO, not 3 days or even 10 days but THREE WEEKS!

Anywho, if you are in the market to buy content you might want to avoid doing any sort of business with a company called Pink Video or XTC Media Group.  It looks like these guys may take your money and run with it.





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  2. In an effort to be totally fair I decided to do a follow up on this story and called the guy in question. After catching him in two lies and him cursing me out and calling me a whore and that I was to stupid to formulate a thought, I just sort of gave up trying to get the guys story.

    So again buyer beware before doing business with this guy.

  3. Why does this shit surprise you? So many fuckers out there scamming people. That’s just the way it is anymore. Another day, another dollar stolen from some poor schmuck.

  4. Read more on this story on another site. Until this story came out I’ve never heard of these fuckers. Makes me think they made up this company just to scam people.

  5. Found out more about this guy

    Look what I found about these guys

    ATTENTION! Do Not Deal With Florida Based, Pink Video Inc. – 24 report ad
    posted: May 18, 2011, 01:15 AM

    Beware of anyone a company based in Florida called Pink Video inc, or any of it’s affiliates. There are several people in the area posting ads saying they have been contracted by a Florida based company, and I would advise anyone to steer clear of them. The are completely unprofessional, they pay their talent next to nothing, and are dis respectful to them. The main guy with the companies Name is CJ and he is a low quality, unprofessional person. Not to mention that if you try to find anything about “Pink Video Inc.” on the internet, you won’t have any luck a few in depth searches on Google, as well as some Incorporated Business Search Sites produced nothing. On another side note. They seem to be sending email through a proxy server that hides their location, because Every email I received came from a different, non-reserved IP address that can be used by anyone, including sites and software that offer “anonymous Browsing.” Why would a legitimate company need to hide their location. I was lucky enough not to get sucked into their sleezy, operation, and everyone on here should try to do the same.

  6. And here is an even better one

    So I’ve been dipping my toes into shooting video now that I have a DSLR that shoots HD video. There was an ad on my local craigslist looking for shooters so I figured what the hell… and I got a response from CJ of Pink Video, Inc. in South Florida. He seemed to know what he was talking about… industry standard rates, what to avoid, etc… but the one odd thing is he kept insisting that for every girl I have to shoot and submit a “runthrough”. I asked if he meant a test shoot… which is something I’m familiar with in mainstream photography… but he insisted that it wasn’t a test shoot or audition and that it was something standard that everyone does. It would basically mean shooting a scene with my talent for free to see “if they’re serious about doing porn” and would only be used by him as “promotion” even if they performed well and the scene was useable.

    That was enough of a red flag for me to find out more about this guy… he used a gmail address and had no company website… when I asked him for links he sent me 2 clips4sale sites that had been around since 2008 and had only sold 1 clip. I googled his phone number and found another forum post from a couple years ago but he was using the name BP Films, with several people complaining about the guy.

    So I’m just making sure… there is no such thing as a “runthrough” right? I’m pretty sure this guy just likes to collect material for his own little personal porn collection.

  7. Got an update on this story today. So now that all of this time has passed this person hasn’t paid back the money they stole nor sent the content. They now claim that they spent the money and just don’t have it to give back and wouldn’t provide a response as to why they then couldn’t just ship the content the guy purchased in the first place. So it appears they never had the content to sell in the first place.

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