What do people really think of Wicked Pictures?

As a business owner, have you ever wondered what people think or say about your business? Well thinks to the rise in social networking sites and webmaster gathering holes like xbiz.net, you can find out. Here is some of the chatter about Wicked Pictures, a company who used to matter but has recently been the butt of many jokes in terms of their operations.  So what exactly are people saying about Wicked Pictures and how they do things?

One guy said — I don’t think Wicked makes much off their website, because it is never updated. Their affiliate site is never updated. They have never had a good site nor ever made a separate site just featuring Jenna Jameson content. The shift into education for them is not gonna fly, cause no one is better than Nina Hartley at instruction. This is a company that won’t shift into the new digital age at all. I don’t think anyone there knows anything about computers. If they did, they would have ditched Brad and done everything in the world to keep Jenna, because in the late 90s, her name was one of the top 20 search terms daily. Does anyone remember that Excite live ticker that would show you which keywords people were searching for? Jenna’s name would come up at least once a minute.

The next guy chimed in with his response — Manwin (the guys responsible for Pornhub, Keezmovies, and lots of other tube sites full of stolen content) have taken over Wicked’s online business.  It’s hard to believe that Wicked would sign a contract with the very people who have had a huge hand in making all of Los Angeles DVD studios content essentially worthless. But I guess all of those guys from the big studios are getting desperate these days.

So to sum it up, stupid and desperate. That’s what people are saying about you Wicked.   Hopefully you use this opportunity as a learning experience.

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