Can anyone say Meow?

After last year’s massive success of the Bluebird films Bat FXXX it seems the Kat is back and the Jo-Kerr’s on her tail.

Bluebird Films has begun their 2011 U.S. shooting schedule, packing the next six weeks with production for three feature titles in addition to a variety of scenes for titles to be completed later this summer. Starting the week with Katwoman, the studio’s much-anticipated follow-up to 2010’s award-winning Batfxxx, a number of media outlets were on hand to witness Dylan Ryder star as the sexy feline who takes on the twisted Jo-Kerr and his pretty pet Jo-Kette. Studio owner Paul Chaplin reprises his role as The Jo-Kerr with gorgeous Glambird Gemma Massey joining the cast as the villain’s insane inamorata.

So will this be the big movie of the year?  Insiders who have visited the set of the production are saying without a doubt and that this is going to be THE movie of the year leaving the low budget crap other studios are producing in the dust.

By the way if you are wondering what the heck a “glambird” is, I too had to ask. Basically inn the UK that is what they call their models who may or may not be “cheeky” which apparently means naughty. I love that word. Cheeky LOL


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