Urban X Awards Voter Cheating

Sometimes you see things and you just gotta go WHAT THE FUCK?

What is the point of allowing fans to vote on a winner if you are just going to let some people cheat and not only that but tell them how to do it!

What am I talking about?   Today @UrbanXAwards tweeted this little gem.  I know in the past this awards show had its own scandals but damn I would have thought by now they would have cleaned up their act.

Obviously that isn’t the case.

This kind of unprofessional bullshit is exactly why nobody takes the Urban X Awards serious.

This sort of “here is how you cheat the system” bullshit with their voting kills any chance at legitimacy their voting system had.  What is the fucking point of even having a security system in place to ensure fair voting practices if you are just going to tell some fans how to get around it?  That’s fucking stupid as hell and it also goes to show their voting is open to proxy hacks.

This is just yet another WTF moment in the jiz biz.



5 thoughts on “Urban X Awards Voter Cheating

  1. Let’s talk about the fact they are dropping nominees because they don’t meet some jinky criteria. Diamond Kitty was dropped because she doesn’t have sex with Black men on film–but she is 100% Latin and anyone she has sex with could be considered interracial. When she was pulled yesterday (from 3 categories), we were told it was because there were complaints and then all the sudden, it was that she didn’t make some “supposed qualifications”. Their manifesto says that they support all races, but that is untrue. Plus, there are other nominees who don’t meet their “supposed qualifications/rules” (AKA don’t have sex with Black men or women) and haven’t been pulled. Therefore, I’m not supporting this show anymore.

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  3. So basically they are racist and want a BLACK ONLY award show?

    How does “ethnic” now only mean black? What a bunch of fucking bullshit. This is the most corrupt, fucked award show I’ve ever seen or heard of.

    Why don’t they just flat out they are like the KKK only they are only for blacks, just as the KKK was against them.

  4. More news here and there has been coming in about this awards show. What I find fucking amazing is that some dumb ass chicks are still promoting it as if it were real. It’s not an awards show it’s a traffic promotion scam.

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