Thank fucking God Jenna Haze said this.  Someone seriously needed to.  It’s annoying seeing porn stars all day long flat out begging for their fans to send them gifts.

JENNA HAZE TWEETS – On Sunday 27th February 2011, @jenxstudios said: #JennaRants Seriously girls? Asking your fans to buy you gifts off a wish list? Really? You realize that you make more money than most of them.. Not only that but you SHOULD be able to buy whatever you want YOURSELF. If you can’t then you are seriously mismanaging your money. All *I* ask from my fans is that they buy my movies (no tube sites!!!) or join my website.

Why do porn stars feel like they need to ask over and over again for gifts from their wish list?  Do they not realize how that makes them look?  Every time I see a porn star tweet about it, I just want to say GET SOME FUCKING SELF RESPECT ALREADY.



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  2. surrrreeeee – this profound revelation coming from a creature who would have no career if it were not for closet pedophiles, and who’s current livelihood depends upon her ex-boyfriend Jules Jordan – who she can never say a foul word about even though it’s his support of free porn venues which are cutting into the profits of countless adult studios.

    Jenna is a complete joke at this stage – her company’s website has been parked for YEARS undeveloped.

  3. “Jane Smith”, now why do I get the impression that you yourself just got through finding some shiny new toys to add to your own wish list. Even though I know its the common mind set that “fan = sucker” its not always the case. I consider it beyond silly to believe you’ll gain the adoration of your favorite porn star by buying them things but there are sad, little people out there who just might be under such delusions. Any way you cut that, no matter who you are or what you do for a living, its completely tasteless.

    Oh, and just for the record, no matter how much Jenna and/or her company may be struggling, she has found a fan for life in me.

  4. Jane Smith is a porn “star.” Talking about how Jenna’s company still doesn’t have a website gave it away. And other parts of the comment also gave it away. She would tell me that a lot. Let’s just say that the reason “Jane” hates Jenna is because a man came in between them and he preferred Jenna over “Jane.”

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