Who is Elizabeth Ann?

Who is Elizabeth Ann?  Well she’s the latest porn star in the news for having done Charlie Sheen and by done I don’t mean have sex or did drugs.  While they might have done that, what I mean by done is got her 5 minutes of fame for blabbing her mouth about what she might have did with him in private.

The one thing Charlie Sheen and his camp seems to have not learned is that when you do a porn star, or really anyone for that matter, YOU MAKE THEM SIGN A RELEASE.  This prevents hem from ever being able to blab about all the naughty things you may have done with them.  Why is this concept confusing for them?  HELLO??????  Did you not learn the last 27 times someone had sex and then blabbed about it?

Had he bothered to make the girls sign a release like so many other celebs do then we wouldn’t be hearing stories about his no teeth or possible inability to finish having sex because he gets to high or that he makes girls take abortion pills several times.  These are all things that should have been kept private and would have been had anyone bothered to spend just a few moments signing on the dotted line.

Now as far as biographical data goes Elizabeth Ann began her career in porn in 2009.  She did a handful of films over the next year.  She’s maybe done less than 15 films in all.  Most of her work is lez or solo.  She is 5 foot 2, maybe a little on the heavier side.  She’s not fat by any means, just not real tiny like girls like Jenna Haze or Jesse Jane.  Her measurements are 34B-27-37.

You can click here to watch Elizabeth Ann having sex in a Sunny Leone movie she did

Today she is on the front page of radar online.  She did a tell all interview with them about her 4 months that she was with Charlie Sheen.  FULL STORY HERE

Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen had his personal assistant cater to the demands of his live-in porn star girlfriend, which included providing her with the morning after pill, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

In a stunning video interview with RadarOnline.com, adult actress Lindsay Wager — whose long-term relationship with the troubled actor was not known until now — revealed Sheen’s staffer Rick Calamaro also supplied his boss with crack pipes.

“He would call Rick for just about anything since he was obviously scared to leave the house,” said brunette Wager, who goes by the porn name of Elizabeth Ann.

“He was paranoid quite often and worried there were maybe helicopters flying around the house or paparazzi outside. He would call upon Rick to go and get all sorts of different pipes for him.”

Wager met Sheen, 45, through a mutual friend and dated him for four months in 2010, she told RadarOnline.com.

During that time, Wager said the scandalous star had Rick, a former Los Angeles nightclub tycoon, at his beck and call for all necessary deliveries, including emergency contraception because she and Sheen did not have safe sex.

“He sent Rick to get the morning after pill maybe three or four times and each time I took it right when I got it,” she said.

“Charlie knew that I was not on any kind of birth control, so and I didn’t want to have children either so he called upon Rick to get get the morning after pill a few times when it was necessary.

“I did take them each time, of course.”

As RadarOnline.com exclusively revealed, Sheen spent more than $500,000 on hookers and drugs in the six months before he checked into his latest rehab stint, at-home.

Wager, who has starred in such films as Girls Next Door, said Sheen would always smoke cocaine.

“He (Charlie) used, I’m not sure if it’s a crack pipe or just some kind of bong for freebasing cocaine, I guess,” she said.

“I’m not very familiar with it so I’m not sure exactly what you call it, but he would regularly have his assistant Rick go and pick up different Kind of pipes for him to smoke the cocaine.”

Wager added: “I never saw him snort anything, but almost every time I saw him he was smoking cocaine until he would pass out.”

Calamaro previously faced criticism that he was a bad influence on the troubled star and was with him when he trashed a room at The Plaza Hotel in New York, during a booze and cocaine binge in October last year.

The embattled assistant refused to comment on Tuesday when questioned about Wager’s allegation, but previously told RadarOnline.com: “I don’t care about the media. I just care about my boy Charlie… I love him!”

Despite providing us a rare insight into Sheen’s life, Wager defended the actor and Calamaro and said the latter “never sat down and partied.”

“He just ran a lot of personal errands for Charlie and he seems to be a very good friend of his,” she said.

“I’m not sure if you’d call him an enabler.”

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