Mallcom Turns 15 and You Get the Gift!

When someone has a birthday, other people typically give them presents but Mallcom has decided you deserve the gifts so to celebrate their birthday they are giving their affiliates a huge boost in their income.  So from now until April 30th, new affiliates will be paid 50% on all their sales from the Mallcom movie store while current affiliates are given a 15% bonus added to their current payout.

50% Affiliate Payouts!

There is no special catches.  We are told this special promo commission applies for all products across the board including DVDs, video-on-demand, toys, Blu-ray DVDs and the new, hot-selling Fleshdrive.  That is huge!  Considering most people are cutting bonuses and promos, this is great news for all those websites out there promoting any pornstar at all because they can easily throw in the promo of that porn star’s movies and make some great extra cash.

The Mallcom affiliate program is proud to announce that it is celebrating 15 years in business. To show it’s appreciation, Mallcom is rewarding all its webmaster affiliates.  Today through April 30 new affiliate signups get 50 percent commission, and current affiliates can get a 15 percent bonus added to their payout. This special promotion applies for all products across the board including DVDs, video-on-demand, toys, Blu-ray DVDs and the new, hot-selling Fleshdrive.

This is the perfect opportunity for webmasters to generate extra cash and boost motivation,” Mallcom Affiliate Manager Ric Garcia said.

Mallcom started out in 1996 as a small family business in the basement of a home in Queens, New York by a law school student and has turned into one of the most successful affiliate programs of its kind.

“It’s nice to sit back and reflect on all the great years we’ve had, and the great people we’ve gotten to work with,” Garcia said. “We love our affiliate partners, and wanted to take this time to thank them, and what better way to do that then with cold hard cash.”

Mallcom Vice President May Friedman said, “We are looking forward to many more years to come and new challenges to take on.

We pride ourselves in the personal attention we provide our affiliates. From custom white label stores, to custom banners, to in depth suggestions on promoting your store to its highest potential. Our new shopping cart makes it super easy to link to any item, niche, star, or studio. Couple that with 50 percent commission on every order, and you have the makings of a blockbuster offer. Our phones are ringing off the hook with new affiliates wanting to jump on this offer. We’re stoked!

For more information, email Ric Garcia at or contact him on ICQ at 108422465.

You can also follow Mallcom on Twitter @Mallcom

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