Who really is Taylor Rain?

Hello!  My name is Stacei and I am new here to this site.   I was invited to post astrological profiles for porn stars.   Someone I work with, who recently helped me develop my own website (www.stacei.com) thought it might be fun to let us get to know some of our favorite porn stars in a cosmic sort of way. 🙂

Everything in the Universe is connected to each other – that means every person, every being and every object.  That cosmic connection, that flow of cosmic energy that in part makes us who we are.  The alignment of the stars when you were born can play a big role in determining several parts of your personality.

Taylor Rain was born on August 16, 1981 in Long Beach California .  This makes her a Leo.

There are two schools of thought with astrology …. eastern and western.  The western astrology readings are defined by the zodiac which is basically based on planetary alignments and they base them on the month and day of your birth.  The cycle resets itself every year so every person born on January 5th are defined pretty much with the same celestial attributes.  The western zodiac uses signs like Virgo, Leo, and Taurus.    When someone says “Hey baby, what’s your sign?”  This is what they are asking you.

Then there are Eastern astrological readings which are defined by planetary alignments as well, but they have a 12 year cycle.  What this means is, you can take 12 people, each born on January 5th, it is very possible and most likely, that each of them will have very different personalities and celestial attributes.   The eastern zodiac uses symbols such as Rat, Snake, Tiger and Dragon.   Beyond the 12 years there are also elements such as wood and metal and then polarity stems which are negative and positive.   This seemingly complicated system is what makes up personality traits based on the Eastern school of thought, which is also called Chinese astrology.  It is based on a lunar calendar, which is made up of five cycles of twelve years each, with a complete cycle taking sixty years.   The current cycle we are in now began in 1984, and will finish in 2044.

Taylor Rain was was born during the year of the Rooster.

Roosters have keen sense of observation and likes to be noticed and flattered. It is not easy to fool a Rooster and they make good trouble shooters. They are conscious of their appearance and what they wear. They are funny, witty, brave, enthusiastic, efficient and honest. A Rooster is very intelligent, a good thinker and has an excellent memory, alert and organized. They are intelligent, entertaining and strong willed but generous to friends. Roosters are clever at finance, confident and an outstanding performer. They make great hosts and enjoys entertainment. They always keep their promises. On the negative side, roosters can be boastful, critical and have strong opinions. They are Notoriously picky and easily misunderstood.

Taylor Rain’s element is Metal.  A Metal Rooster seems to walk around with their head in the clouds. This rooster struts around with peacock feathers and they never ruffle. So much arrogance can make it hard to get along with others, especially when the Rooster is also intolerant of those who are less talented and a bit slower than normal. On the other hand, the Metal Rooster is extraordinarily talented. Of all twelve Zodiac signs, this one is probably the most high-minded of them all, with a very clean line of thought. The Metal Roosters can distinguish right from wrong very clearly and it doesn’t matter which direction they pursue, they always wind up going the right way. If they confront a maze, or big problem, they will immediately see a solution because of their analytical, logical way of thinking. Through their perseverance, any hurricane becomes an orderly thing of beauty, just like that! When it”s time for romance, the male Metal Rooster has no trouble at all, love just abounds; the female has a tendency to keep to herself, making connections less freely, but lastingly when they happen.

Now that you’ve gotten to know a little more about Taylor Rain’s personality keep in mind that you can visit my site any time for your own personality profile and for your own Divination reading as well.

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  1. I think I forgot to mention that those photos of Taylor Rain came from the movie Teen Stars by Porn Authority. Sorry about that. I’ll try and figure out later how to go back in and add a link to the movie for credit purposes.

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