Feds Raid Hot Movies

100 feds and cops showed up yesterday and raided the offices of hotmovies.com.  The people who run the site claim they have no fucking idea why.  I say fucking bullshit on that.  They know what is up.  They aren’t stupid but obviously they think we are.  They are now trying to claim everything is okay.  It was all for nothing and it’s all over now.


My sources are saying it is a “very serious criminal investigation”.    I finally got one employee to speak with me but would only agree to do it off the record.  Here is what he said …

The feds weren’t fucking around.  They treated every one of us like we were criminals and all we did was show up to work.   It’s was really fucked up.  They had us all the employees spread out on the floor with our hands on our head for over three hours.  They wouldn’t say shit to us about what was going on.  They questioned all of us and we either answered their questions or went to jail for contempt.  When anyone tried to ask a question it went ignored.  They were rude as fuck.  They acted like we were rapists or murderers.   When they finally let most of us go, we had to leave everything like our cell phones, lunch bags and the chicks had to leave their purses.  They searched each of us one at a time as we were leaving, like we might be hiding drugs on us or some fucked up shit like that.

We still don’t seem to know what they are looking for but what we do know for sure is that the federal rate of conviction is extremely high.  One person was telling me that it is as high as 90%.  I don’t know if that is true but I do know that the FBI doesn’t just break in with 100 agents for nothing.  It wasn’t a let’s look and see what is going on type of expedition.  For the feds to spend that kind of money that it takes to pull off a large scale raid like they did today, they knew what the hell they were looking for.

3 thoughts on “Feds Raid Hot Movies

  1. This story is void of any real information. I read that entire story and you can’t even speculate as to what the feds were looking for?

  2. Holy smokes… I had no idea that this company, National A-1, was based in Philadelphia and are located in the building right next door to my office… I can’t believe I didnt notice the commotion.

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