Great Courtney Cummz Interview

Courtney Cummz Interview

Zero Tolerance contract star Courtney Cummz kindly spoke with XXX Wasteland on Wednesday. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

On whether or not she feels studios do enough to protect performers from STDs on set: “It’s kind of out of the studios hands at that point, because you don’t know what each individual is doing off-camera. There’s always accidents. Accidents happen on-camera and in real life …”

Regarding the debate of mandatory condom use in the adult industry: “I think (they should be mandatory), just because it will prevent HPV and STDs … It’s not always going to be one-hundred percent, but at least it would be safer …”

On directing: “I love directing. It’s a lot of fun. The girls feel really comfortable with me. I think when they’re fucking, they fuck harder …”

Visit XXX Wasteland HERE to read the complete interview – including further discussion with Courtney on the recent adult industry HIV scare, condom use in the business, and a cool story about filming Zero Tolerance Entertainment’s new Friday the 13th parody.

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