Review for Bottom Line 1

I believe that if you try hard enough there is something good you can say about everything.  I’ve lived my entire life by this theory.  Let’s just say that for this review, I really had to try very hard to find something nice to say about the movie Sean Michaels’ Bottom Line from Evil Angel.  I’m used to movies being at least 5 scenes long.  I don’t really know who set that standard but it almost seems as if I’m cheated if there aren’t at least 5 scenes, even if the overall number of minutes are the same.  I don’t know why, but having less than 5 scenes in a movie is something that has just always bothered me.

In this movie Sean Michaels has 4 different sexual encounters and each one is a different scene.  The first girl up to bat is Kelly Divine.  I’ve always thought Kelly Divine was pretty.  I like her a lot but I was really to distracted to notice her good looks but the horrible music she is dancing to in this scene.  Eventually Sean comes in, they have sex and that is that.  I really found myself fast forwarding through the sex in this scene.  It’s never a good thing when a consumer is so uninterested in the sex between two people in a porno that they fast forward through it.

The next scene caught my attention a little more.  It was a threeway which included Alana Evans and Flower Tucci.  The sex was a little better in this scene but still seemed so forced and awkward.  I hate to say it but it was very evident that these girls were paid to do a job and they weren’t patriotically happy about being there.  There were moments in this scene that weren’t bad, especially with the dildo involved but it’s hard for me to get into a scene when the performers themselves are not so into it.

The next scene features Mellanie Monroe. This scene was confusing to me.  By her looks I wasn’t sure if she was some hooker he paid to come to his house to fuck him or some chick he already knew.   There is a great tease scene between the two that is pretty hot.  What was really strange about this scene was the very end.  Basically instead of coming on her ass or tits or even on her face like most guys do, he came in her hand.

The last scene features Liz Black who calls up Sean for a little fun.  This time he goes to her for the sex.  This is sort of a setup for a husband to get to watch another man fucking his wife.  The energy was pretty decent in this scene but I would have liked to see the 3rd man actually get more into it than he did.  Just jerking off watching some man do your wife isn’t that hot to me.

The extras in the movie were almost non existent.  There was some photo galleries and I think 3 trailers for other movies.  Color me so not impressed.

Overall I would have to say this is probably not a movie you really want to waste much money on.  It’s in the gonzo category and if that is your thing, there are far, far better ones that you could watch instead.

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