Do you GoDaddy?

If you use GoDaddy for domain name services I am going to do you the biggest favor ever.  I am going to save you a future of endless headaches and heartache.  Go right now and log into your Godaddy account.  Don’t fuck around and put this shit off.  Trust me.  Go do this shit right now.

Change your password to the longest possible, most complicated password there is.  Make sure you use both letters and numbers and no words that are in the dictionary.  I know you may forget it but that is why you write it down and postie note that shit to your wall.  GoDaddy may be great with prices and domain name management but what they suck in is security and at least once a month we hear about some webmaster getting their GoDaddy account hijack and as a result they lose their domain names.

If you never listen to anything else I ever say, at least do this one thing.

If you give a shit about your domain names, go right now, do not pass go, do not collect $200.  Go change your fucking GoDaddy password to something very long and complicated.

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