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‘Absolute Mayhem’ by Monica Mayhem

( SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA ) – Monica Mayhem has worn many hats during her career as an adult entertainer and international sex symbol. She has been an award-winning adult film performer, a sought after feature dancer, an accomplished musician and an author.

Up until now that final title is one she could wear proudly at home in Australia. Thanks to the North American release of her book “Absolute Mayhem: Secret Confessions of a Porn Star” Monica will soon be a best selling author in the United States and Canada as well.

Chronicling her career in both adult and mainstream entertainment, “Absolute Mayhem: Secret Confessions of a Porn Star” gives readers an in-depth look at Monica’s extraordinary personal life, her views on the adult industry and the inspiration behind her music.

“I wanted to give people a chance to see the real person behind the pornstar persona, and give an honest insight into the Adult industry. The book has had nothing but rave reviews since it’s Australian release last October, and I’m very proud of the results.”

“Absolute Mayhem: Secret Confessions of a Porn Star” will be released in North America on October 1st and is already available on Amazon.com and other online retail outlets. It can also be purchased in fine bookstores throughout the US and Canada including Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-a-Million and is also available for the Kindle.

People Magazine Australia

In addition to her book’s North American debut, Monica was also recently featured on the cover of People Magazine’s Australian issue. It includes an eight-page layout and in-depth interview covering her career and recent developments in her life. Monica has recently retired from performing in adult films and has returned to her native Australia where she will be married next month.

“Absolute Mayhem: Secret Confessions of a Porn Star” will be released throughout North America on October 1st.

For more of Monica Mayhem, visit www.monicamayhem.com

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  1. Funny. I saw on Twitter last night that Breanne Benson just did a shoot for Australian People, which I found odd because I thought it was just an Aussie version of People. I thought about it for a good few seconds and deduced that Time Inc. was just being aggressive in trying to steal market share from Murdoch (NewsCorp.)on his own turf!

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