site re-launch has announced a re-launch of its site for the FreeOnes 12.5 year anniversary celebration.

FreeOnes was initially launched in March 1998 with only 12 babes, the site has grown at an exceptional pace to include the largest erotic model, porn star and celebrity data base on the internet. Today, FreeOnes features over 15,400 babe sections with 425,669 sites listed. There are almost 400 industry girls that participate and interact with their fans on FreeOnes as well as pay site reviews and exclusive video and photo galleries.

Over the years FreeOnes has added tons of features to make the site more user friendly for both visitors and webmasters alike. However, through all the features and tools that have been implemented and there have been a few design changes here and there, this is the first time in twelve and a half years that has received a total overhaul in regards to its design.

“In Holland, the 12.5 year anniversary is a very important milestone,” said CEO and FreeOnes founder Maurice. “We thought it would be appropriate to celebrate such an important date with something big, and a complete site re-launch isn’t anything small.”

“Besides looking a lot more modern, visitors are finding the advantage with the new design is the site runs a lot faster and everything is integrated. Before, MyFreeOnes and the forum were different sites that were still FreeOnes. Now moving between the different areas is seamless and it gives the perception that this is a whole site instead of three separate ones.”

“Of course, you’ll want to keep an eye on FreeOnes because the site re-design isn’t the only thing going on. For the whole month of October there are contests and daily giveaways to help celebrate our 12.5 year anniversary. We’re also going to be at Venus Berlin 2010 with a booth that’s even bigger and better than last year, and Miss FreeOnes 2011 is starting soon.”

“We have a lot going on so expect to hear a lot about FreeOnes in the near future!”

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