The Briana Banks Scam

Sorry guys but I have removed this post. … Sincerely yours, Gossip Girl

Why did I remove the post? Because I can? 😛

No seriously, I did it because I went and looked into it myself and I have a friend who without a doubt, 100% totally and completely for sure confirms the guy in question worked at Playboy. Don’t know what he did while he was there, nor do I even care. It’s not my business. Nor is it my business who Briana Banks associates herself with personally or professionally.

This post wasn’t about good fun gossip it was just down right mean and attacking some poor guy. So what if he tweets for Briana. I don’t really care.

Maybe she broke her finger and can’t tweet for herself? For all we know she’s on the phone telling the guy what to say while he types it in.

We don’t really know what goes on at her place nor is it our business.

So some of us don’t like the website design of her new site.

That’s really not something to trash the guy for personally. Wow just wow. Let people make some mistakes. We don’t need to trash their very being because they suck wee wee at web design.

I’m sorry but enough is enough.

Whatever decision Briana Banks makes is her decision to make. Who she wants to align herself with is her business. If it is a great decision or a bad one isn’t really our business, unless of course it hurts other people. Then I guess maybe we would be justified to say something. But anywho, I think you all get my point.

I don’t want to see more personal attacks like this in the future on this site. We are here to support the porn industry, not trash the people in it.

Have a nice day.
Sincerely yours, Gossip Girl

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