The Urban X Awards Scam

This kills me, it really does.  I’ve been trying really hard not to be so mean lately but what fuck, some people just can’t stop making me annoyed.

Here is a snipit of a press release I just got …..

Alexander DeVoe entered the Adult arena in 1999. In 2002, he started Alexander DeVoe Productions Black Angel Entertainment. Known for his unique shooting style he refers to as “DeVoism”, DeVoe is an award-winning director with 21 Urban X Awards and 4 AVNs under his proverbial belt.

Alexander DeVoe brags that he has 21 Urban X Awards.  REALLY PEOPLE???????????  That’s like saying RYAN RAYZER HAS 21 LUKEFORD AWARDS.    I mean fuck, I can’t tell you how many people have already exposed the falseness that is the Urban X Awards since the creation of the show in 2008.

For fuck sakes, read about it here from 2008.

In summary, this chick co-created an award shows claiming it was for the urban side of the industry.  But really they pretty much only nominated themselves.  She nominated herself for Best Director – Body of Work, Best Director – Feature, and Best Videography.  She nominated her ex-husband Alexander DeVoe for a handful of awards in all ….  Best Director – Body of Work, Best Studio, Best Videography, and the nomination for the award of Visionary.

She also nominated her then boyfriend John E. Depth for an award as well.

So since 2008 – that’s a total of 3 years of this award show Alexander DeVoe has won a total 21 awards.

Fuck in 2010, they even put themselves in the Hall of Fame.  Nice, huh?

What’s sad about all of this corrupt bullshit is that it could really be a great awards show honoring those of ethnic backgrounds, but they go out of their way to flat out ignore actually popular ethnic porn stars like Gina Lynn, Eva Angelina or Jenaveve Jolie.  These three stars are HUGE – real porn stars making a big splash in the world, who have ethnic backgrounds.   You have other stars like Tori Black who loves to do interracial but she’s all but ignored as well by them.

There are a lot of great, super hot ethnic performers and it is to bad that this clearly corrupt, joke of an award.

The Urban X Awards when it first came out was called the Urban Spice Awards.  They defined themselves as “an award show created to honor all producers, directors, talent, companies and agencies who have worked hard throughout the year to produce the best ethnic content. The Urban Spice Awards will celebrate and showcase the achievements of Black, Latin, Asian and Interracial productions.”

In theory it sounds great.  Just to bad it’s a show put together but some clearly corrupt motherfuckers.

2 thoughts on “The Urban X Awards Scam

  1. First off, some of your facts are incorrect.

    • The show was started by Sharee English, who is Alexander Devoe’s current wife–she is NOT a director or performer and started the awards because other awards shows disregarded minorities.
    • Alexander DeVoe has NOTHING to do with the show at all. He submitted his own nominations. Why should he be exempt from the awards because he’s married to her? He is a talented director in his own right and his work speaks for itself.
    •Diana DeVoe is Alexander DeVoe’s ex-girlfriend. She currently dates John E. Depth. But neither Diana DeVoe nor Johnny E. Depth has anything to do with the show. If you were familiar with Diana’s work, you would realize she deserved to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. She has fantastic vision and is one of the very few women directors in the biz.

    Let me explain how the show works. People nominate themselves or their studios, publicists or even fans put them up for nominations. The ones with the most nominations are put on the site and people vote for them–that is how the winners are calculated.

    Additionally, did you happen to go to and look at the other winners? There were tons of other people who won this year and over the last three years. When you single Alexander DeVoe out like that, you make the other people’s awards seem insignificant. Lexington Steele won multiple awards and he wasn’t the only one.

    The other stars you mention, Gina Lynn, Eva Angelina, Tori Black and Jenaveve Jolie, win at all the other awards shows–so, it’s not like they are being completely overlooked. Gina Lynn and Jenaveve Jolie didn’t throw their hats into the ring to vie for the title. Guarantee you if they did, they more than likely would have won. However, Rebecca Linares won for Female Performer of the Year and Tori Black and Eva Angelina were nominated. Plus Eva Angelina was asked to be a presenter, but passed because she was “retired and would not be attending”.

    You may ask yourself how do I know all this? I donated my time and energy to this event, because it is important. Have you ever even been to the Urban X Awards? Before you call someone or a group of people “corrupt”, you should get your facts straight and take the time to dig deeper for the real truth. Do you realize that other awards shows are based on how many ads you buy? Urban X is not like that. Sponsors are NOT guaranteed to win. I enjoy Luke Ford and some of your rants, but this time it’s just wrong. Really wrong.

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