$1750 per ounce Remy Martin Louis X111 100 year old Cognac

So I heard a story today, that Rick’s Cabaret in New York has not one but two bottles of the incredibly expensive 100 year old, Remy Martin Louis X111 Cognac.  They apparently are the only people in New York who have it right now so that makes it even more of a unique experience.

For those wondering about the name, the name pays homage to the King of France, during whose reign the Remy Martin Family settled in the Cognac region of France, which is where brand of ultra rare and expensive Congac comes from.  The first was created in 1874.  The United States first got a taste in 1878.

In 1938 it was served to King George VI and Queen Elisabeth II at  the Chateau De Versailles.  In 2001 they introduced a bottle that was encrusted with diamonds.  It is an experience you will never forget so if you haven’t tried it, and you have the opportunity to, you really should.

Two extremely rare bottles of Remy Martin 100 Year Old Louis X111 were delivered by armed security guards to Rick’s Cabaret New York’s VIP third floor.

The ultra luxury item sells for $1,750 per one ounce and Rick’s Cabaret gentlemen’s club is the only place in New York that has it. Who will be the first to taste it?

One Rick’s Cabaret Girl made a prediction: “I think it’s gonna be a certain rock star that comes here all the time–but I am not allowed to name names,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Olivia, 36C-24-35. “Let’s just say that he is very rich and very generous. He spends money like it’s water.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Monique, 34D-25-36, said “We have so many Wall Street guys here. They know how to enjoy themselves and appreciate the finer things in life. One of them will want to taste the cognac and see if it’s really the best in the world.

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Karina, 33C-23-33, said, “It will be a NY Yankee that buys a shot. Maybe a few shots so that he can share with his favorite girls,” she hoped.

Rick’s Cabaret
50 West 33 Street

***100 Showgirls nightly
***Three floors of luxury
***Roof Deck Smoking Lounge
***Full Steakhouse Restaurant on the 2nd floor

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