Nipple Bleaching ….. Huh? What?

I’ll be damned if the old saying isn’t true … apparently you do learn something new every day and today I learned about something called nipple bleaching.  Now I’ve heard of anal bleaching but this concept of nipple bleaching I haven’t heard of until today.  What the fuck is nipple bleaching you ask?  Well apparently it is when a young lady uses a bleaching cream of some sort to make the area around her nipple lighter.

Here is a photo of Bailie Stone from LA Direct Models that will show you an example.

Now for comparison purposes, here is an image of Brooke Lee Adams also from LA Direct Models.  You can see the difference in the area around her nipples, known as the areola.  The natural areola is much darker than the photo above, which has probably been bleached and it is almost the identical color of her skin.

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