This is one fucked up Taylor Wayne story

I just found this story on Adult FYI.  I thought the rude ass employees at Southwest took the cake but apparently I was wrong.  American Airlines seems to win the rude fuckers of the day award.  It’s amazing to me how little airline employees know or care about the concept of customer service.

Tayler Wane Has a Major Gripe with American Airlines and for a Very Good Reason

Laurien writes: American Airlines has No Soul: This week Taylor Wane got word her Mother was on her death bed.

Immediately she got on an American Airlines flight to England. In step with the Airlines inefficiency, they were late landing in Dallas and she missed her connecting flight. Desperately, she tried to explain her situation to no avail. The earliest they could get her on another flight was 4:00 P.M. the next day!

Frustrated and crying she told the agent he had no soul and his response was that he didn’t care what she thought about him. She was nearly arrested. The next day while boarding the 4:00 flight she was told her Mother had passed away. She would have made it to her Mother’s side to say goodbye if not for the uncaring and disrespectful attitude of American Airlines.

To make matters worse, when she landed in England she was greeted with the news that her brother dropped dead from a heart attack after hearing their mother had passed away. She now sits in England attending two funerals.

Join me in getting the word out of how poorly American Airlines treats their passengers and help start boycott against this heartless corporation.

3 thoughts on “This is one fucked up Taylor Wayne story

  1. That is a sad story. My heart goes out to Ms. Wayne and her family. Something doesn’t sound right though.

    I am a frequent traveler, and any time a flight is delayed or late to land… the company anticipates and makes other arrangements for all travelers.

    Was Ms. Wayne the only one who missed her flight? There has to be another detail to the story you are not writing… or didn’t get. It just doesn’t make sense. This is 2010… the economy is slow, and airlines are grateful for all business.

    Personally, I’ve only flown AA a few times, and never had a problem.

    No offense… but you sound kind of dopey saying, “Start a boycott against this heartless corporation.” Ummm, airlines are notorious for poor customer service (there are comedies about it). Especially post 9/11. I don’t know what you expect.

  2. I personally don’t care for Taylor Wane because of the way she was snotty bitch to me the few times I worked at her home. However this is unfortunate and fucked up, especially not seeing her mom before she died. She’s certainly going to need something stronger than Valium to get her through this one. Now her brother to, all at once.

    As for American Airlines it doesn’t surprise me the entire situation is fucked ever since 911 we all know who is to really blame that, yes I am speaking about Bush. The people are always hostel and rude at the airports, they know they are and they get away with dumping the responsibility of bad service and bad behavior on to their customers.

    Everyone is being treated and profiled as if their a fucken terrorist. What needs to happen is for this entire country to go on strike and drop the dime not flying anywhere for at least 72 hours, see how much money they lose maybe then they’ll stop treating people so badly.

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