Great Bree Olson Interview

Read a great Bree Olson interview today called “Getting Down and Dirty With Bree Olson, The Girl (you wish lived) Next Door: interview with Bree Olson by Alex Zander“.

Although the interview was great, their blog design left a lot to be desired and even made the classic mistake of embedding sound in their pages.  Half of the top graphics didn’t load and well, let’s just say their website is an unmitigated disaster.  But that aside, it is still one damn good interview.

It’s very long with some cute pictures of Bree Olson so if you want to check it out, use the link above.  Here is a tiny segment of it …

AZ: Thank you for setting up the whole interview, because these are the things I want to talk about. I am intrigued about you because of these things, because you’re from there, and you returned to it. I’ve worked with the industry for a while now, and rock and roll even more, but you see the girls in the trade – you see the girls on the websites partying. You’re not there. You’re always – When I see you, you’re at home, with your girls, back in Fort Wayne.

Bree: I’m always, always home.

AZ: In your Tweets, you’re talking about getting home.

Bree: If I’m not working, I’m at home. And that’s the thing – I have a fear of flying, I have a fear of being places that I don’t want to be. I like being home, I like being centered, I like just being in Fort Wayne – That’s my main goal. Currently, I started a business degree, I currently started going to Phoenix University, for my business degree, for opening my restaurant. So that’s my main goal.

AZ: So that’s a little scoop we’ve got!

Bree: Yeah, it is!

AZ: So, Fort Wayne. Obviously, they know who you are. And it is still a small town. Fort Wayne is like Indianapolis. It’s a small town.

Bree: Well, yes and no. Half and half. It’s the second largest, to Indianapolis.

AZ: I loved going to Fort Wayne, believe me. I did my last interview with one of my favorite rock bands in the world, there, before moving to Chicago. But, yeah, it’s still a small town – and I know that this something you wanted to do, this business. This is something you wanted to do, but you had a boyfriend and didn’t get it until you were nineteen. So you wanted to be a porn star?

Bree: Girlfriend.

AZ: Oh, it was a girlfriend!

Bree: Yes! Four years. A very controlling girlfriend – she didn’t want me to do it at all. I was with that girl for four years, from the time I was fifteen, to the time I was nineteen. She did not want me to do it at all. So I decided after we had broke it off that I was going into the adult industry.

AZ: So how does it go? Were you like, fourteen, and thought “Oh, I want to do this!” Some guys want to be rockstars – some girls want to be rockstars’ girlfriends. You wanted to do porn?

Bree: It was always something, like – I’ve been watching Howard Stern since I was a very young girl and I always told Howard – he doesn’t even believe me, but I watched from the very beginning. I said, “I used to watch you!” Because he was on the E! Channel. He was very prominent. He was on cable and everything. I said, “I watched your shows from the beginning!, and your shows really did inspire me,” because he’d have a laser pointer, he’d point out your flaws. And I’m sitting there, fifteen years old, and I’m looking in a mirror like, ‘well, what’s wrong with my titties, what’s wrong with my ass? You know? And I’m sitting here, and I’m like, I could go on Howard Stern! I could make it!” you know?

AZ: You did, and he was in awe that you were natural!

Bree: And see, that’s the thing. I was a pre-med student at the time. And it’s like…

AZ: Where, in Fort Wayne?

Bree: I was going to Purdue.

AZ: Wow.

Bree: And I could still go back to Purdue. I’m currently going to University of Phoenix for online classes, but at any time I could go back to Purdue if I wanted to. Three strikes, you’re out. I’m on my third strike. Basically, I have one more chance with Purdue, because I already dropped out twice. So I have one more chance with them. They said, “Listen, if you mess up this time you’re done.” But you know, I have one more chance with them, and I love them, but at the same time it’s like I have my restaurant career.

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