Someone has a bun in the oven

We all know that Eva Angelina has been dating a man in the military for some time now.  He’s been away at war but recently got a short leave to come home and see his woman.  We just recently found out that he not only got a short leave to see her, but during that time they got married and he knocked her up!  She says via Twitter that she will be 11 weeks pregnant this Tuesday.  Not real sure why woman count weeks instead of just saying she is almost 3 months pregnant but guess there is some reason they do that.  Anyway, we here at just wanted to say congrats to Eva Angelina.

Eva Angelina from Hocus Pocus XXX

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  1. Hey, don’t know if you already know this or not, but LukeIsBack is reporting that Ashlynn Brooke is pregnant too.

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