Digital Playground increases Affiliate ePass fees

Speaking of affiliate troubles … those of you using the Digital Playground affiliate program may find your next check $20 lighter.  I was reading a post at Porn Star Kings and found that effective immediately Digital Playground, will be charing a $20 processing fees for customers wishing to be paid via ePass.  Most affiliates assumed the $20 they were seeing was a mistake because most people charge only $2.  But turns out it is not a mistake at all and a VP over at Digital Playground clarifies …………………

We did just change our policy to a $20 fee for epass. due to excessive bank fees that we’ve been incurring.  The site will reflect the same in the sign up form shortly.  A number of affiliates have switched to pay by check for this reason.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause webmasters.  Please contact me personally if anyone has questions or needs support.


Vice President New Media
Digital Playground

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