Kaylani Lei and Alektra Blue public service announcement

LOS ANGELES, CA – (APRIL 23, 2010 ROADS TO MOSCOW) – As the 2010 XBIZ People’s Choice for Porn Studio Of The Year, Canoga Park-based Wicked Pictures is pleased to announce that two of its contract superstars are stepping out to inform the public about the ramifications of illegally downloading adult content. 2010 AVN award winners Kaylani Lei and Alektra Blue are joining a host of other performers and directors in a star-studded c produced by the Free Speech Coalition, the trade organization of the adult entertainment industry.

Known as The FSC All-Star Anti-Piracy PSA, the provocative clip inter-cuts sequences with Kaylani and Alektra with segments featuring such stars as Joanna Angel and Ron Jeremy.

The well-produced video not only addresses the obvious negative ramifications of illegal file-sharing but addresses the adult entertainment world’s positive fiscal influences as a source of employment for thousands of tax paying citizens.

On reviewing Wicked’s involvement with the video, Free Speech Coalition Membership Director Joanne Cachaperoobserves, “the Free Speech Coalition is so grateful to Wicked Pictures, as well as Kaylani and Alektra, for volunteering their time to help with this special project. They are both beautiful women, and they represent the adult contract stars that are so loved by their fans.

“But what is overlooked by people that illegally download is that these performers are professionals who work hard at building careers in adult. When you steal any entertainment content from the Internet, it makes it harder for creative professionals to make a living. Illegal downloads have had a terrible impact on all forms of entertainment, but especially the adult industry.”

In summing up her thoughts on the project, Cachapero couldn’t be happier to see the two Wicked beauties uniting with the industry’s best and brightest for such a worthy cause. “It’s great to have Kaylani and Alektra speak on behalf of the adult industry; to reach out to consumers and address the problem of content piracy. They were wonderful, as were all the stars that took part in this public service announcement.”

To view The FSC All-Star Anti-Piracy PSA, CLICK HERE.

To learn more, visit www.wicked.com.

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One thought on “Kaylani Lei and Alektra Blue public service announcement

  1. How is it a worthy cause when you are looking out for your own interests? I agree that pirating is 100% wrong but having pornstars do a “PSA” about protecting the porn industry is rather comical.

    They are not trying to help homelessness, cancer, animal rights, battered women, addiction, or any other important cause…oh no they are taking time out to help the porn industry.

    give me a break.

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