Average sex lasts 30 minutes

Got An Extra 30 Minutes?
Adam & Eve Finds That’s How Long Most Americans Spend Having Sex!

Hillsborough, NC — In a society where most of us wish there were 25 hours in a day, it’s nice to see that American adults are still making time for sex!

Adam & Eve recently asked over 1,000 American adults how long their typical lovemaking session lasted. Interestingly, over 31% reported their average duration for sexual activity is 30 minutes long.

According to the latest results from Adam & Eve’s “Great American Sex Survey,” the second highest level of respondents (nearly 27%) said their typical lovemaking, from start to finish, averaged 20 minutes.

“The good news is that American adults are still finding time for sex,” said Adam & Eve Director of Public Relations Katy Zvolerin. “With today’s society so focused on multi-tasking, it’s encouraging to see that couples are carving out a small bit of time for their intimate pleasures.”

The third highest level of respondents (over 16%) reported their lovemaking session was an average of 45 minutes, with the next highest group (nearly 13%) reporting their erotic encounters lasted only ten minutes or less. Only 12.5% of the adults surveyed said their sexual activity lasted an hour or more.

Because sexual curiosity is part of human nature, adult entertainment giant Adam & Eve recently commissioned event management and web survey software company Cvent Inc. to launch a sex survey determining Americans’ sexual practices, and the results are being released every month.

The web-based survey, conducted by Cvent, of over 1,000 American adults age 18 and up, was sponsored by Adam & Eve to study sexual preferences and practices. For more information about Adam & Eve, visit their website at http://www.adamandeve.com/news.

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