The Political Sex Scanal of Florida is Back

Porn and politics seem to go hand and hand these days.  You can’t seem to turn the TV on or read a newspaper without hearing about a politician in some sort of sex scandal.
Not to long ago the big controversy was when the town manager and former city councilman in Ft. Myers, Florida was fired after it was revealed that he not only married a porn star but there was footage of them having sex on camera as well.  It seems their personal home movies were stolen and the town didn’t want their own political sex tape scandal on their hand.  Maybe they thought if they just fired him it would all go away but that’s not going to happen anytime soon because Cezar Capone got his hands on the footage and he’s releasing it for sale on DVD under the title The Councilman’s Wife.
This may have been the scandal that rocked Fort Myers, Florida but it got to big it went nationwide.  It was talked about on every major network including CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox News, TMZ and every other gossip and scandal think you can probably think of.  This is the real deal, real footage of Jazella Moore and her husband, Scott Janke the politian.
The Councilman’s Wife is now available on DVD from most adult retail sites and stores.
You can get the latest updates by following Cezar Capone on Twitter at  Cezar Capone is distributed exclusively through Pulse Distribution. For wholesale inquiries please contact Hyland Church at Pulse Distribution at or 888.998.0961.

One thought on “The Political Sex Scanal of Florida is Back

  1. Thanks for posting this story. I think a lot of us remeber when it broke last summer. It still upsets me that a couple like this and a professional guy like him could be treated this way in America. I hope everyone buys this DVD to show our support and outradge!

    I just love Jazella anyway so way not show our support


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