Webmasters Using CCBill Be Warned

I read a rather interesting post today on GFY for adult wembasters who use CCBill for billing and access to their websites.  The post is for you below but long story short, if you run a CCBill site, check your site.   That’s your bandwidth that you have to pay for so don’t be giving away free access to your site!

check your ccbill htpasswd file on a regular basis to make sure there aren’t non-paying users who still have access to your site.

last year i was looking up a password trader and discovered that he had cancelled over a year earlier but his username was still in the htpasswd file!!! so not only did he have free access for over a year, he was generous enough with his good fortune that he shared it with a bunch of his buddies! when i asked ccbill about this they said this happens if there is a problem writing to the server. when a membership expires the user is removed but if there is a problem with the connection then the user never gets removed. the entire file isn’t re-written, just that line. something doesn’t seem right with that but it’s the story i was told.

well, after reading all the stuff on here lately about ccbill i thought i’d check again and guess what, there were 105 users in the htpasswd file that weren’t paying but had member’s area access!

ccbill said there’s nothing they can do about it and it’s up to the site owner to request a new htpasswd file each month to make sure non-paying members are removed.

check your shit!

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