Savanna Samson in the Slammer

You don’t her a lot of Vivid girl rumors anymore.  For the most part, the only real Vivid girl rumors that go around would be the ones about them leaving.   In fact, under actual contract in the normal sense the only real Vivid girls would be AJ Bailey and Lia 19.  Savanna Samson is with Vivid still but I think, or at least at one time told her contract was unique.  Sunny Leone now has her own movie production deal and we all know that Monique Alexander, Hanna Hilton and Meggan Mallone left them.  As far as Nikki Jayne goes, nobody really knows.  What we know for sure is she didn’t bother to show up for the AVN show in Las Vegas which is required by all contract girls and nobody has seen her in quite awhile now.

So back to the rumors about Vivid girls.  I have a hell of one for you.  Savanna Samson tweeted on Sunday that she spent the last 20 hours in jail.  She joked about it and really woulnd’t go into detail of what got her in trouble but she did mention it’s never a good idea to threaten to kick a cop in the balls or to tell him you love handcuffs.

this photo is from Savanna Samson’s new movie SCREWED OVER

A few hours later all the tweets were deleted an no mention since has been made of her spending 20 hours in jail.   So for now, let’s just file this under “rumors”.

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