Cezar Capone Mega Movie Update

I was able to get a little more information about this secret Cezar Capone big budget movie being done sometime in February that I talked about the other day.  No this is not the big Britney Spears sex tape movie that is coming out sometime in  February but the other one, that nobody quite knows what it is about yet.

I was able to find out that Jayme Langford isn’t in the cast of this movie. That was a mistake but Kiara Diane and Amia Miley will be. This means so far we know that the cast will include Nikki Benz, Eva Angelina, Sunny Leone, McKenzee Miles, Kiara Diane, Brynn Tyler and Amia Miley. That’s a pretty big cast as it is but I’m told that isn’t the only cast members. I couldn’t get her to tell me who else might be in the movie but she did tell me one thing that does have me wondering and that Nikki Benz will have her pussy vadazzled in the movie, “just like Jennifer Love Hewitt talked about in her book, but even hotter”.

I am promised a picture.  Can’t wait to see what the fuck that’s about.

I was also given a sneak peak at one of the costumes for the movie.  I am told this is the basic look but it will have some “bedazzled type modifications”.  Whatever the hell that means.

My only guess after seeing this picture is that the movie will have some really hot ass witches in it.  A movie with Eva Angelina, Nikki Benz, Kiara Diane and Sunny Leone in it?  That’s going to be one hell of a movie.

I asked a few questions that I actually got an answer for.

Is this movie a girl / girl only flick? No.  Although the movie opens up with one hell of a girl/ girl orgy, that is only one of the scenes.  The others are all with men, either boy/girl or boy/girl/girl.  The opening scene however shouldn’t be cast aside as just another lesbian scene.  This one scene has more girls in it than most movies have in their entire cast.

When will this movie be released? I’m not sure to be honest.  I know it takes a little longer in editing because we have special effects in the movie, whereas most adult films don’t so they are telling me it will take a bit longer to go through the editing process as a result.

Special effects?  Really?  Like how Digital Playground did with Pirates 2? Oh heck no!  I wished!  We don’t have that kind of budget but we do have a cast just as big. LOL  Our special effects are far more tame and subtle and more appropriate for our type of movie. But you know we had to do something special.  You can’t have a movie about witches and not have any special or magical effects, right?

Are all the females in the cast witches?No.”

You have a lot of people in your movie.   The average movie includes 3 or 4, sometimes even 5 females.  You have how many now?We have a cast of 9 females plus 4 or 5 males.  There are very few movies out there that go this big.  Digital Playground did it with Pirates II, Adam and Eve had a big cast with Flight Attendants, I think they had 12 females.  But for the most part, movies typically feature just a few girls.  Our cast may not be as big as Flight Attendants but it is as star studded and spectacular.

Will this be THE movie of the year?

We aren’t Digital Playground or even Vivid with huge multi-million dollar marketing budgets.  All we can do is make the best movie we can.  That is our goal.  We want to make a great movie.  Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to have a huge marketing budget so we could have THE movie of the year but we don’t.  So we have to stick with what matters most and that is making a really amazing movie that the fans will really like.  Although it would be great to be nominated for an AVN award for the movie, it would mean more to me to have the fans actually love the movie.  That really is my true goal with this movie.  I want to make a movie where when someone watches it the go damn that was hot!

How did you pick your cast?

The movie is built around 3 main characters.   The first person I picked was Nikki Benz.  I mean look at her.  She’s just an obvious.  She’s so pretty.   We booked the filming date and then picked the other two main stars of the movie.   Next we picked one of the most perfectly cast characters ever.  I can’t say why not but let’s just say, she is so perfect for the part she is playing.  It was just crazy how perfect she fit the part.  So next I picked a really big name for the last main star of the movie.  Then I got a call from Nikki and it turns out she would be out of the country during the two days we would be filming.  So we had to push the dates up a few weeks and that meant we would lose the #3 main character because she would be in Mexico.  I was so sad but I didn’t want to lose Nikki Benz.  Turns out it was great because as it turns out we were able to book Eva Angelina instead.  How lucky is that?  From there the rest of the cast really just sort of easily came together with the help of people like Bud Lee (yes that’s the same Bud Lee who used to be married to Asia Carrera) and Teagan Presley’s husband Joshua.

What’s it like to make your first movie?

Well honestly I’m not making the actual movie, I’m leaving that to the pros.   Cezar Capone has made a lot of great movies over the years so I’m sure he will do a wonderfully fabulous job.  My job was really to get the money, pick the cast, come up with some great costumes, do the script and find us a great location.  The actual hard part will be to make the movie and that is where I will bow out and leave it to the experts.

What made you decide to work with Cezar Capone on your movie instead of say Adam and Eve or Hustler or even Vivid?  It’s such a big, star studded cast one would typically think you would go with a bigger company for something like that.

I was watching Playboy TV one day and the Club Jenna movie called High Definition was on.  This movie has some amazing costumes and makeup.  I just loved the scene where they had all the crystal gems across their eyes.  It was so hotness.  That sort of made me start thinking more about this movie idea I had awhile ago.  I then learned that Cezar Capone made that movie.  I knew of him from previous work I had done with him in marketing and he had just finished producing the AVN red carpet show and his name was everywhere.  I loved the whole high fashion theme he did this year for the AVN awards show.

It’s funny that a lot of people think of him as this balls to the wall sex gonzo king but really he has an equally impressive line of high quality movies, especially some of the ones he did for Club Jenna.  So really an easy pick for me.  I know him.  I trust him and he’s well known for his quality work and his unique eye for amazing sex scenes.  You are right I could have gone to a bigger company but I would have been lost in the crowd of all their own big projects.  I wanted to work with someone who was great and who cared about making a great movie, not just pushing out yet another movie to make another buck.   I want someone to watch the scene with Sunny Leone and Nikki Benz and push pause and think to themselves, damn that was amazing.   Cezar Capone has a great eye for sex and I know with him actually making the movie it will be amazing.

Anything else specific you can tell us about the movie?

Well that’s hard to say.  I guess I can say the movie will for sure have some special effects and custom made, one of a kind props and some really sexy costumes.   Here is a look at one of our custom props. (see photo below) I started out buying stuff from prop and even Halloween type costume shops but for what we were doing so much of it had to be customized.  Like I found a great costume for Nikki Benz but she’s so really really tiny and has such big boobies we actually had to buy two totally different costumes and then have the two customized to fit her body type.  I never realized how really tiny Nikki Benz was until I went to try and buy clothes for her.  Well really all of them for that matter.  Kiara Diane and Amia Miley are so tiny, I even did some shopping in the teen costume section for them and then found myself piecing together bits of this and that just to make it fit.  Now I know why it’s so easy for guys in movies to pick these girls up when having sex and doing all kinds of crazy positions because they are just so tiny.

You are always going on about how how you think Madelyn Marie is.  How in the hell did you not book her for your movie? I know! I know!  I would have loved to have Madelyn Marie in the cast but apparently she will be in Mexico that week along with like 23 other girls so she couldn’t be in my movie.  I was so very sad when I found out she was booked to be in Mexico.  🙁

There isn’t really much else I can say about the movie at this time.  I’ve already said way more than I intended.  I will however keep a pre-production diary and shoot some fun behind the scenes clips that I can share with you later on.

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  1. A movie about porno witches with costumes and special effects. Sounds like a Vivid movie to me.

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