Eon McKai Leaves Vivid Behind

Eon McKai scares me. There is no doubt he’s a film making genius but what worries me so much is how seriously illiterate he is. We all make makes typing but I want to share with you something he tweeted recently.

“I never want to see a striped soc agen… no whate… I sitll kinda like stripy sox”. Apparently what he was trying to say was “I never want to see a striped sock again …. no wait, I still kinda like striped socks.”

I know there are people out there who have problems spelling, I mean who the hell can really spell Mississippi without at least running it through spell check. But this is beyond bad spelling. When you don’t know how to spell the word “wait”, that’s something seriously wrong with you. How the hell do you get through elementary school when you can’t spell the words wait or again? SERIOUSLY??!!! How the fuck is that possible?

  • Sure is not spelled “shure”
  • Truth is not spelled “trooth”
  • Official is not spelled “ofishal”

And yet somehow this guy just closed a deal for a kids show for $3.5 million. Seriously? How the fuck?

Anyway the real story I wanted to post about was that today Eon McKai announced he was not going to be doing porn for awhile – he “quits”.¬† He said he just sold a children’s TV show for $3.5 million and will be working on that for awhile now.

“OK I have to tell the trooth I just sold a kids show for 3.5 mill so porn has to take a brake ;)”

To be honest I think this split between Eon McKai and Vivid ALT has been a long time coming. You might have noticed that he stopped pushing VividALT.com as much and instead started promoting his own personal website EonMcKai.com. Not only that but the Vivid ALT movies have started to be shown on the main Vivid website, as if they were starting to bleed out that brand all together.

There have been no updates at all on the Vivid ALT websites since November 12, 2009. It was turn into more of a blog site with all the movies being filtered into the main Vivid.com website.

3 thoughts on “Eon McKai Leaves Vivid Behind

  1. Naaa, I think they will probably just appoint someone new to head it up. He’s not the only person in the world who can do alt porn and since it sells so well I doubt they are just going to ditch the genre all together.

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