Where is Lia 19? Did she ditch her Vivid contract too?

In August of last year Vivid announced they signed Lia as a new Vivid girl. Like with most new contract stars we tend to have to wait a few months for anything new but more than a few months have passed and not only do we not have any hint of Lia’s first feature films from Vivid but she also isn’t doing any promotions for Vivid like the other girls. In fact for New Year’s Eve Vivid had only AJ Bailey to host their party so they also hired Monique Alexander and Sunny Leone to help her. Where was Nikki Jayne and Lia or Savanna Samson?   Lia was also missing during all the Vivid Halloween parties.  So what do you think is going on?  Could Lia have quit before she ever got started?  Could there be something else going on?  Maybe something with the website contract?  I’ll have to do some digging and find out.

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