The Flesh Drive Has Arrived

It’s new technology for the new year.   What is this new technology you ask?  Well they are called flesh drives and they are pretty fucking cool.  Basically it’s a flash drive with a shit ton of porn on them.  You can get different sizes and some of them hold up to 3,000 movies.  How fucking crazy is that shit?

They are broken down into various themes like anal, threesomes, mixed, oral sex, amateur sex, hardcore sex, interracial sex, big butts, asian sluts and so on and they also come in various sizes like 25 movies, 50 movies, 200 movies and then there is the king, for true porn lovers — the 3000+ Videos on 500GB External Compact 2.5″ Hard Drive.  That would of course be the ultimate flesh drive.

I personally can’t wait until they do them by porn star like the all Eva Angelina Flesh Drive or the all Chasey Lain flesh drive.   At least for the smaller handheld flesh drives.

The Flesh Drive
Accept No Imitations

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