Charlee Chase Update

I saw the story about Charley vs Charlee vs Charlee posted on December 7th.  I am the original Charlee Chase – chiming in with an update. I first contacted Ben @ Puba as he’s the person creating her new website I DID trademark my name and though it took several months, the trademark went through and I finally have the paperwork in hand. He took the information I sent him, forwarded it on to his attorney and apparently told her that I’m suing her. FALSE.  It was NOT my intention to sue her. I simply wanted her to change her name. I’ve since personally contacted her laywer (who will not even speak to me), as well as her manager, her, and hundreds of producers who have hired her (and are still continuing to do so) letting them all know that I personally own the trademark to the name Charlee Chase (or any other mark confusingly or deceptively similar to my trademark used in the adult industry) and I’d like for her to change her name.
Not only is she not changing her name, but she’s continuing to work daily while using my Federally protected Trademarked name, and what’s worse, is she’s boasting the fact that she’s doing so. Basically leaving me NO other choice, but to sue her. Sadly, her manager and lawyer have given her very bad advise. Though at first, she stated she should just change her name, under the advice of counsel, it seems now she’d rather be sued than to simply change her name. Now, not only will I have to sue her, but each and every company who has products with her name on their sites/magazines/boxcovers/etc.
I have actually been using the name Charlee Chase (as well as Charlie Chase) since 1997. It was the stage name I danced under, then began doing webcam under, and from there, went into the more “adult” market in 2002. I’ve been working full time under the name Charlee Chase since then. I’ve owned my clip store since 2006 and have been working on it daily since. Even though one particular site in general doesn’t have all of the boxcovers I’ve done, doesn’t mean I’ve not done plenty! The titles are just scattered all over the pace! I also do fetish as well as adult, so many are in a different genre. I still continue to use the name every single day, and will continue doing so long after I hire an attorney to make sure Charley Chase (and the now other Charlee Chase) stops using my name!
Sincerely, Charlee Chase

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