AVN Red Carpet Rumors

I just heard a rumor about the AVN awards show — this year the red carpet show is going to be a huge production, more so than normal.  Think of it as the VH1 fashion awards meets, the E! red carpet coverage of the Oscars meets the MTV music awards with a bunch of hot porn stars mixed in.

I am told there will be mainstream celebrities but that the real thing to see will be the porn stars themselves who will be met with a barrage of paparazzi – that the request for media coverage is overwhelming this year and the porn stars will be outdoing each other in their “what are you wearing” kind of outfits.

I am also being told that some of the girls are going out out and will even be doing costume changes throughout the show.

I wonder if there will be a live broadcast of the show. hmmmm

2 thoughts on “AVN Red Carpet Rumors

  1. Why does the paparazzi care? Can they really sell these pics. I am curious who would buy them to be honest.

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