Kirsten Price to be on MTV’s “Warren the Ape”

kirsten price

Wicke girl, Kirsten Price, blogged on twitter about her appearance on MTV’s newest show:

–Getting ready to shoot “warren the ape” it’s a new show for Mtv it sounds pretty funny. I hate waking up before 9 though

–Finishing my online traffic school for the evening & watching sons of anarchy b4 bed. shooting “Warren the Ape” for Mtv tomorrow. Hmmm

The return of Warren The Ape!

If you’re a true fan of Greg The Bunny, you’ve been clamoring for the return of the show ever since Fox took it off the air. As it turns out, so has at least one of the stars… and you’ll now get to see his attempts to return to the big screen.

MTV has announced that Warren The Ape is now in development. The show focuses on Warren “The Ape” Demontague, a D-list celebrity puppet who attempts to change his ways to be back in the Hollywood spotlight. Think of him as a less furry Kathy Griffin. The show is scheduled for release in 2010.

Warren The Ape is produced by George Plamondon & Betsy Schechter for Picture Shack Entertainment, Kevin Chinoy & Francesca Silvestri for Freestyle, and Sean Baker, Spencer Chinoy & Dan Milano, who between this, working on Robot Chicken, and writing the screenplay for the remake of Short Circuit, is trying to take the position of luckiest man in the world from Ed McMahon’s corpse.

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