What in the fuck is wrong with some of these affiliate programs?

Most people won’t deny that there is a lot of money to be made in porn and you can do so with little to no risk. But it never fails that each and every day some dumb fuck out there has to push the fucking limits. The problem is, he puts a bunch of unsuspecting webmasters at serious risk when they do stupid shit. For example, today I was at XBIZ and I noticed an opportunity post about a new affiliate program. It sounded rather interesting so I checked it out. When I did I previewed one of the sites they were promoting and you know what I found in the preview area? This chick takes photos sent to her from her fans and puts them on her body when she has sex and that’s an interesting idea. She may print out a picture of the fan with their nickname and say like hi to them while she fucks her husband or whatever. But then the next photo was a picture of a fan that she was taking a piss on.

I just shook my head going WTF is wrong with people?

Here is the image I spoke of but obviously for legal reasons I had to edit it, however I think you can still get what I was talking about.


Is the concept of going to jail really that hard to understand? So let me make it simple for you dumb fuckers.

For the most part there are two things they will nail you for 1) is child porn – that’s an obvious and 2) is obscenity. The question is what is “obscene”? That has long been debated and it actually varies from state to state and from city to city. But if you use common sense you will know that a few particular subjects are more of a hot button than others and that includes pissing and fisting.

If your website features things that are known to be obscene or offensive then they are more likely to go after you than say a website that features stuff like just normal sex. Why? Because duh! Everyone likes an easy win and if you make it easy for them to prosecute you, why the fuck wouldn’t they go after you?

So webmasters why does this matter to you?  Well let’s say you sign up for this program.  First and foremost, it’s a CCBill program.  So eventually their censors may catch up with the site and find out they have illegal content and that means you are at risk of them holding all earnings from this program meaning you risk not getting paid.

However that is one of the least things you have to worry about.  On the other end of things, what if you have an aggressive position that wants to make his bones with an easy win for obscenity and then the program owners are in jail and guess what?  You don’t get paid.

Then there is the other end of that scenario which is that some guy in some small southern state we wants to start going after what we have all feared for years and that is not only the one naughty site but every site associated with them.  So that means you, as their affiliate.  Sort of a guilt by association thing.  Even if they can’t make the charges stick and eventually they get dropped, you still got arrested, they still seized your computers, and you still have to explain to your family why your ass sat in jail for two days.

So what can you do to protect yourself?  KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN AND USE COMMON SENSE.  If an affiliate program you want to do business with shows a picture or videos of a girl pissing on a man’s face or anything for that matter, it’s probably best that you avoid doing business with them all together.

Look around on the websites they promote.  Do you see any questionable content?  If so, avoid using that affiliate program.  Think not just about where you live but all the people who live in some hick ass small southern town.  Will they find the material offensive or obscene?  If so then you want to avoid it.  Nothing is worse than getting sent to jail or sending all your traffic to a program that gets closed down because they are stupid fucks and then you don’t get paid.  Use common sense people.  If your gut is telling you something isn’t right, don’t be a dumb ass and risk it because money is far to hard to come by these days, no need to take risks that you really don’t need to.

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