Kayden Kross Signs

Kayden Kross will be signing at The Adam and Eve store in Massachusets at 6:00pm Friday and Saturday.

Adam & Eve
1275 Grafton St.
Worcester, MA



DESCRIPTION: Samantha has awakened–awakened to a recording of her long dead father, and the world she knew is gone. It’s now post-burn and only various tribes of proto-humans remain. After witnessing how brutal the emptied out city can be, she is captured and readied for sale. While her captor enjoys himself with a trading post working girl, she is stolen by Mel, a scavenger who fills her in on what has happened and where they are going-to Elysium Fields and its charismatic leader, Prince Amir.

Out in the middle of the desert, the Fields are the one place that still has some rules, some resources and some sense of hope–where people can still come to trade and make some sense out of survival. While there, Samantha is haunted by a countdown that was still active when she awoke in the lab, and Amir tells Samantha that he knows who she is–the daughter of the scientist who caused the burn so many years ago.

Horrified, Samantha confides to Mel what she’s learned. When Mel realizes that Sam has replaced her as Amir’s favorite, she betrays her to the Fields, who demands her sacrifice, according to the Prince’s own doctrine. As she is being staked out in the desert to die, Samantha’s pleas about the countdown fall on soon-to-be-dead ears.

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