Ladies Beware of DommyB

Awhile ago we posted a story about a man going out scamming girls, booking them for work and then not paying them.  The guys name was Steven Koch.

Looking at the photo of that guy, he looks very much like the photo of a man I got another email about today who also happens to have some problems with booking talent and not paying.  The email stated that had done three scenes for the guy and still haven’t gotten paid now 2 months later.  They call the guy a “creepy fuck”.

So who is this creepy fuck? Well there isn’t much known about the guy other than the fact he used to work for Cezar Capone.  I noticed on his myspace page he had a bunch of video clips up of his work there so I gave our friends over at Cezar Capone a call only to find that they fired his ass awhile ago.

He now works for ……… drum roll please ………… you guessed it, nerd pass.  I don’t know exactly what he does there, but ladies do beware if he tries to book you for work, you just may not get paid.


53 thoughts on “Ladies Beware of DommyB

  1. I was thinking, something does not make sense.

    So Nerdpass fires ugly for having a drug problem because that’s the ‘right thing to do’

    but their production manager is getting a reputation for “beating up” and “not paying girls” Yet this guy gets to keep his job? someone that interacts with models all day? I would feel really safe shooting for that company….

    Makes sense……………? It also backs up my last theory that Ugly was never fired for his drug problem, he was just taken away by the police.

    Sounds like quite the company.

  2. This is a really fucked up story and this company is a really fucked up company. Why the hell would they let anyone convicted of beating up porn stars have the job of working with porn stars?

  3. HA NOW I KNOW THIS SHIT IS TRUE because I just got a nasty ass letter from Cezar Capone requesting I remove the information about you being in jail. But you know what fuckers … I’m not on any of your pay rolls so I don’t have to pull shit. Your attempts to have it removed from my site, only serve to prove the information is true and that alone is enough reason for me to keep it posted. People should know what kind of scum they are dealing with. Dude you beat up fucking porn stars, spend days in jail over it and you don’t think that’s a problem? Well you are wrong fucker and this post will stand as with the comments.

    See at first I wondered about the new information about your time in jail – I wasn’t 100% sure if that rumor was true but I do want to thank you for confirming it for me dumb fucks.

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