Tera Patrick Retires

Tera Patrick if nothing else is known for sending out a press release after press release for anything and everything about herself.  In fact, we bloggers often joke about Tera Patrick and her insane amount of press releases over the last few years but what we didn’t get a press release about recently is the fact that Tera Patrick has called it quits from performing.  That’s right, Tera Patrick has retired.

Tera Patrick

I want to thank our little miss Darrah Ford for letting us know about this because had it not been for her, who the hell would have even known?  I can’t believe the one time camp Tera Patrick has some actual news, they don’t issue a press release.  Here you read the full story here.

Cindi at LukeIsBack was about to interview Tera Patrick. She asked on her Twitter if anyone had any questions for Tera. Tara from FreePornStarPix wanted to know why Tera usually looks miserable at conventions. Cindi then replied:

she is VERY happy now. Just talked to her. No more porn scenes, she is done.

Tera has filed for divorce from husband Evan Seinfeld. Evan is now rumored to be dating Teravision contract girl Lupe Fuentes.

You can click here to download some of Tera Patrick’s movies from Pornstar.com

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