Sasha Grey in Playboy

Tonight Sasha Grey sent out a tweet to her 34,000 some odd followers that said …. “OH! If you haven’t checked out my set for @playboy grab it now while it’s still on stands!”  … as if it was no big deal, like you get picked to be in Playboy every day.

To be honest I’m quite surprised people didn’t make more of a deal out of this.  A porn star getting picked to be in Playboy really doesn’t happen as often as you might think.  Well it turns out Sasha Grey is in fact in a special feature in this months issue of Playboy.  You can click HERE to read more about it directly from Playboy itself – but basically it is a special promotion for a movie she has done.  The movie is called Lolita  and apparently Sasha Grey plays Dolores Haze.

The adult actress unleashes her inner Lolita in an exclusive Playboy pictorial! Published in 1955, Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita was the book that no one thought would ever end up on the silver screen. Playboy explores the making of the most notorious film of the 1960s in this homage starring crossover movie actress Sasha Grey as Dolores Haze!

Sasha Grey Playboy

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