It’s Gary Miller from AVN Gossip Time Boys and Girls

I heard a juicy little rumor tonight.  Although I don’t have all the details, I will keep digging until I find more.  What I’ve heard so far is about Gary Miller.  Do you know who he is?   Well you should.  He’s the man that produces the AVN Awards Show.   I don’t know how true it is, but from what I hear if you want your hot little porn star ass on stage during the awards show each year, he’s the man to kiss up to.

So the rumor I hear is that he’s heading up a new production company out in LA.  I don’t know many details about it yet, or even the name of the studio but I hear he is also working with two other big names and that their movies will rival that of the big boys like Vivid, Wicked Pictures and Digital Playground.

I hear they have already begun production on a Charlie’s Angels XXX Parody.

The exact quote I was given by an unnamed source “This new company is going to be huge.   The people involved are all really strong on their own, very well knowns and talented people but together they will be an unstoppable force.”  I asked this person to go on record and talk about it more but he or she says they can’t at this time.  They are contractually obligated to keep quiet, at least for now.

I’ll let you know the second I find out more and I am promised some behind the scenes shots from the set of one of their movies as well.

3 thoughts on “It’s Gary Miller from AVN Gossip Time Boys and Girls

  1. And what exactly does kiss up to mean? We have to fuck Gary Miller? is that how Kayden Kross got her hosting gig??

  2. The rumors of this kind of thing have been around for many years. I think Vivid even made a parody porno of it few years back. But again these are just rumors. Don’t know how true any of them are.

  3. If you’re a slut then that’s how you would think. If you’re a normal functioning person that means “Have something that sets you apart from the crowd, act like a lady and be cordial to him.” Then he might recognize you’re special and put you in the show. If you try to fuck him, maybe he will see you’re a whore and make sure you’re NOT in the show. But putting a few whores in the show might make for a good show! So I really don’t know how to answer that question…

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