AEBN flips the middle finger to Johnny Law

Have you ever heard of a little thing called Cambria’s list of naughty no no’s?  Well if you are an adult wembaster of any kind, you better damn sure make sure you find out exactly what the fuck I’m talking about.   If you have seriously never heard of this shit and you are in the adult business, that’s just down right fucking scary but here, click here to read a great resource article about it.   The long and short of it is, Cambria’s list is a guide of sorts on how to avoid pissing off THE MAN.  There is so much money to be made in the adult business legally, why take the risk of doing anything that you know damn well will get you busted.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Well it really is.

Paul Cambria is a big time first amendment attorney based out of New York who works with all of the big companies including Vivid and Hustler.  Many years ago he created a list to held guide companies of hot topics that are known to get you in trouble.  For example, kissing is okay but making out with your first cousin on film is probably not.

The list in itself is not a bible, it should really be considered more of a guide.  Some of the sexual acts on the list are highly controversial in themselves but in the end, even if we don’t think it’s okay, these items are on the list for a reason and that reason is simple, every item on this list can pretty much guarantee a conviction for obscenity in various places throughout the US, especially in Southern states and apparently in many locals in Florida.

Some of the heated topics are no black men with white women, no male on male penetration, no bi-sexual acts and no transsexuals at all.

  • no shots with the appearance of pain or degradation
  • no facials (bodyshots are ok if shot is not nasty
  • no bukakke (ie: 10 guys coming on one girl)
  • no spitting or saliva mouth to mouth
  • no food used as sex objects
  • no peeing unless in a natural setting (field, roadside)
  • no coffins
  • no blindfolds
  • no wax dripping
  • no two dicks in/near one mouth
  • no shots of stretching pussy
  • no fisting
  • no squirting
  • no bondage or bondage type toys or gear unless very light
  • no girls sharing same dildo (in mouth or pussy)
  • toys are okay if shot is not nasty
  • no hands from 2 different people fingering same girl
  • no male/male penetration
  • no transsexuals
  • no bi-sex
  • no degrading dialogue (suck this cock bitch)
  • no slapping her face with penis
  • no menstruation topics (women on the rag)
  • no incest topics
  • no forced sex, rape themes, etc.
  • no black men, white women themes

Some of the things on this list are more serious than the others.  For example, you are probably more likely to be a target if you feature a site about rape, even if it is simulated, as compared to like two men fingering a girl at the same time with a banana.

In the end you have to ask yourself, how much risk are you really willing to take?

Companies have really gotten lax lately on these rules.  Did you know that Vivid featured a movie with two sisters, related by blood (half sisters actually as they share the same father) have lesbian sex with each other in the Vivid movie Stood Up.  Oh it’s true.  Lanny Barby and Kimberly Franklin are the two I speak of.

Lanny Barbie and Kimberly Franklin

To date nobody has really made that big of a deal of Vivid, a major studio releasing a movie featuring lesbian incest, so   I do want to mention I am told apparently eating your sisters pussy isn’t illegal in all 50 states, only some.  Bit it only takes 1 state for it to be illegal in, and only 1 store own or webmaster promoting it to get arrested as a result.  Do you really want that to be you? ^^

I can see why other smaller webmaters think it’s okay for them to do stupid shit too.  But I assure you it isn’t.  It’s not a matter of *IF* you get caught, it is when.  I promise eventually THE MAN will catch up with you.  Stop being dumb asses.  Just because people that are bigger and more famous like Vivid with their incest video do it, doesn’t mean you should too.

But you know I’m being to harsh on Vivid.  I heard that they didn’t even know the two girls were related at the time the movie was made, and only found out way after the DVD came out which was nearly a year later.  At least that is the rumor I heard about it.

But you know who I won’t be letting off the hook so easy today?

Why might you ask?  Well the feature pissing and fisting movies.

Have you seen the AEBN Pissing Pay Per View site they are offering to affiliates?  Not only does it feature pissing but on the front page, first video – it features a fat chick being fisted.


There is nothing that pisses me off more (ha no pun intended) that big companies like AEBN being so blatantly irresponsible, throwing caution to the wind, as if they were inviting trouble.  Does the adult industry not have enough problems that we need this shit coming down on us too?  Do we really need to invite that kind of attention to our industry?  It’s like they don’t fucking care that they are hurting all of us, the entire industry as a whole when they do stupid shit like this.

What in the fuck were you thinking AEBN?

Right now the feds are busy with a world of other shit.  We don’t want to draw their attention our way but as long as companies like AEBN keep doing stupid shit like this, then we are going to eventually attract their attention and that can only mean trouble.

We as an industry need to start taking responsibility for our own actions and really pay attention to what in the fuck we are doing.   We need to review Cambria’s list and really think hard about some of the more serious things on it like ummm pissing and fisting and do what we can to avoid trouble.  Use your fucking brains people.  Seriously.

And for those companies who refuse to use common sense or do what seems to be going out of their way to bring negative publicity and trouble to all of the industry, maybe we should be the responsible ones and send them a message by not doing business with them.

3 thoughts on “AEBN flips the middle finger to Johnny Law

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  2. I hope AEBN get shut down. This company is as corrupt as Hot These affiliates have poor customer service and are scamming the accounts. I have struggled with obtaining traffic for years, but when AEBN started I thought they were more honest than Hot Movies, at least it appeared that way in the beginning. I tried hard to get things going and it started to progress. As I not a programmer, but just as the economy shifted so did the increase in my acct. It took a major nose dive.

    I know it’s not a lot compared to what some people make who have traffic. I only used to make $200 dollars a month now I am lucky if I see $20 a month it’s obvious they are ripping off their customers. I barked at them many times about it, but they don’t fucken care as long as they get their pay check. Their only excuse to me was it’s economy. Yes another ass wad blame on anything else except yourself.

  3. You are not the only one who has noticed a nose dive in their sales with AEBN. A few tests have been done by other webmaters using other affiliate programs with their sites and are doing quite well. So I would suggest you look at other options instead of keep sending your traffic to AEBN. You know the saying, no point in beating a dead horse.

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