Chunky chicks are more appealing, according to poll

CURVY women are better in bed than their size zero rivals, according to 89 percent of blokes.


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The Sun reports that heavier men are also in demand – with 68 percent of women judging them the best for romps.

Chubbier partners “try harder” between the sheets and are more “giving”, a poll by bed maker Silentnight found.

Researchers also found that skinny sleepers toss and turn five times more during the night than chunkier people.

Take this article how you will, but just think about this, Why do you think Marilyn Monroe is still so popular after all these years? Recently I’ve come across one old Indian wisdom about this…

It says: “When you’re thirsty, does the shape of a jar matter?”


2 thoughts on “Chunky chicks are more appealing, according to poll

  1. I don’t get it. I mean, I get the part about if I’m thirsty, I could care less about the shape of the jar, but I don’t understand how that relates to Marilyn Monroe.

  2. Marily Monroe probably makes the top 10 list still to this day of most sexy woman alive, but she was like a size 12 or 16. But no means even close to the size 3’s of today’s models and movie stars. So it just goes to show you that Chunky women are more appealing!

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